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Interregional research and production cluster whose tasks include the creation and maintenance of information systems for automating business processes of state authorities and local self-governments as well as various commercial and non-commercial organizations.
List of cluster participants

6+ years experience
50+ specialists
100+ projects for russian and international companies

Rosoperator is the company with their own history. OUR EXPERIENCE, is transmitted as a company's heritage and fueled by the energies of our young employees. By working to our and your heart's content we turn challenges into OPPORTUNITIES. We keep your customers coming back again and again by developing convinient structure of your website and functional design.

What can we OFFER , you that the other companies don't?
- we know what users need and always take it INTO ACCOUNT;
- we CREATE web-design that people would take seriously;
- our developments are UNIQUE for each case and designed to be in the best interest of your requires. What is more, all of them meet the latest STANDARDS and are fully compatible with any other environment;
- our testing is consistent with the principle TETO “test early, test often”.
There is a place for everyone who is looking for a UNITED TEAM and interesting projects!

Our team

Oleg Zvonov General Director of IT cluster ''Rosoperator"
Irina Skorikova Head of Development Team
Maria Dryndina Project Manager
Maria Kluchnikova Project Manager
Anatoly Tarakanov Head of Testing Department
Margarita Ivanaeva Back-end developer
Sergey Lapshov System administrator
Alexander Romanov Programmer
Anastasia Sheptynova Junior Programmer
Andrei Kozin Programmer
Anna Ivshina Junior Programmer
Svetlana Sapunova Designer