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In the antiques market, collectors often encounter scammers. The main problem is counterfeits. Antique goods are sold at high prices, they are in great demand. This provokes the introduction of fraudulent schemes. Antique shops, speculating on prices, pose another danger. How to sell antiques and art objects and not run into scammers? This question was the main idea for the development of this project.

The auction is a virtual platform for the remote sale and purchase of antiques around the world. We have developed a website and a mobile application for this project.

The advantages that the project solves:
Distance selling is relevant for all types of goods, antiques are no exception. Virtual sites are in demand for the following reasons:

Large selection of trading platforms: online auctions, online stores, classifieds sites
Minimum effort: upload photos to the site, publish a description, wait for the seller
Large audience coverage - you can sell or buy in any city or even country
Virtual sales in official stores are popular due to transparent pricing. You can visit the site at any time and find out at what price your item is being offered. At the same time, be prepared that a potential buyer wants to inspect the product in person.


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