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City doctor

City doctor
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    «City Doctor» is easy-to-use and friendly platform for providing online-consultations and making appointments with doctors online. Moreover, there is section with medical news and publications on current health topics on this portal.

    Online-consultation are held by video, audio and text chats. A remote reports, anamnesis, analyzes, ultrasound results and etc. exchange is also provided. You only need the Internet and and a laptop (or a computer with headphones and a microphone).

    Notifications of online-consultations' date and time ate sent to the patient and the doctor by e-mail. Information about online-consultations is saved in the personal accounts of patients and doctors.

    Also this service can be intergrated into website of any medical facility.

Development process

01 — Research and Planning Analyzing the goals and objectives of the project and defining a target audience Submit an application
02 — Project development Creating a prototype, design and functionality of the project Submit an application
03 — Launch of completed project Testing, bug fixes and release Submit an application


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