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01. Designing Design of a clear structure and coherent analysis of all phases of project development
If developers don't have a high-quality terms of reference in the initial phases of the development of a site it can lead to many issues such as remaking of finished or almost finished product, which in turn may cause financial losses and missed deadlines.
UX/UI design
02. UX/UI design Creation of landing pages and user-friendly sites for the customer's specific business tasks
Service of creation of website design is related to the specificities of each business case - by creating a good interface we put on technical part in the graphics. We'll choose a style, shades and colors that will be suitable for certain social, age or other characteristics of your clients.
03. Front-end-Development HTML layout coding and user interface creation
HTML layout is a final stage of website development which links the functionality, the design template and the content of virtual resource. You should entrust the process of turning the protorype into HTML-document for placing in a network the Internet only to professionals.
04. Back-end-Development Back-end development, database integration and its connection to the front-end part
Back-end is an administrative part of development of your automated information system. It is where the system is filling up with main functionality and the platform is developed.
Техническая поддержка
05. Technical support Constant monitoring, administration and technical support of the site
Constant monitoring, administration and technical support of the site. Business continuity management and fast troubleshooting. Maintenance of the site is aimed at ensuring sustainability of the existing functionality.
06. Copywriting High-quality and unique text contents writing
You can order filling the site with a content and left any work related to text materials in our hands: filling out online stores product cards, writing articles, reviews and news for information resourses.
07. Testing Identification of functional, usability and performance problems
You can increase conversion and profits because we will find issues that obstruct to use site's functions, make your site more stable with the high web-traffic, increase customer loyalty and help you to keep your reputation.
Creating a logo
08. Creating a logo Development of one of the most important elements of the "corporate identity" that stands out your company among competitors
The logo is designed to increase brand visibility. It is a unique image or mark of the company name. The logo consist of the brand name and may show company's strategy.